Corporate Event Planner

Corporate Event Planner

Make it the talk of the office…

If you want the expertise of a company that’s produced years of corporate functions for fortune 500 companies and elite private events, look no further. Total DJs Music Productions is one of the best corporate event planners in NY & NJ.

Total DJs Music Productions prides itself on an interactive approach and unforgettable impact. If you want a company that curates its productions to meet budgets and exceeds dreams, look no further.

Our dynamic staff understands that a successful event is one where everyone walks away smiling — us included. Organize a perfect business event by hiring our corporate event planners.

The Business of Fun

Corporate events require a level of balancing best left to the experts like Total DJ’s. Our corporate clients, and their corporate event planners, call us because they know they can expect professional event entertainment management that fits their brand and their desired experience. We take care to understand our corporate client’s brand and tailor each event to the specific goal and purpose outlined. From big celebrations acknowledging sales goals, acquisitions, and other big milestones, to providing an engaging educational setting for lunch-and-learns, special guest speakers and more—your brand, your corporate style will be respected and reflected in Total DJ’s offerings for you.

Your Brand, Your Style
Our expertise is in letting your business event goals shine through. Our team of experienced corporate DJs know how to keep things moving professionally, whether you want everyone to cut loose a little or a lot. The choice is yours.

Collaboration As Needed
We will work directly with you or your corporate event planner to get the details nailed down well before the day of your event so that you can rest assured that all is taken care of. Our understanding and experience with corporate events allows us to work around your schedule and provide options that suit a more business-friendly approach. 

Keep It Clean
We can still have fun and keep it clean, right? Business events don’t have to be stuff, and we know how to bring you the beats that make even the stiffest suits want to hit the dance floor. Don’t worry though, we will keep the music clean and use non-explicit tracks as needed, as well as incorporate any vintage or oldies hits that may resonate with your event audience. 

Let’s Get Comfortable
Often corporate events can feel sterile and guests might feel obligated to go. Total DJs knows how to power through those emotions to create an atmosphere that everyone can feel good about. We consider the audience as a whole and your desired outcomes from the event. Is the goal to have a good time, or is it something more than that? We can help focus your guests’ experience where you want it to be and build your perfect corporate event.

Corporate Event Opportunities 
There are a variety of opportunities that can be a cause for celebration or recognition for a corporation or business. From small businesses to large corporations, we can help you craft the right feeling and theme for the event. 

  • Product Launches
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Achievement Acknowledgement
  • Holiday Social 
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Informational Events
  • Educational Seminars
  • Special Announcements
  • Milestone Celebrations
  • Store Grand Openings
  • New Location Openings

Total DJ’s understands that your entertainment should match the level of commitment you give your clients and your employees every day. From mom-and-pop small businesses to suit-and-tie corporate clients, your tone and your vision is our direction. 

The area’s most elite corporate events planners know to call Total DJ’s first because of our reputation for setting the right tone and executing your vision to perfection.

Total DJs Corporate Events Services

Professional & Experienced DJs
Music is the language of the soul. The true universal speech that evokes emotion and sets the tone. Music can make or break an entire event – and choosing the proper mood takes an artists’s touch.
Top Rated Photography & Videography
It’s all about capturing the moment. We’ll be there every step of the way, making sure you have the memories to cherish as the decades go by – but at the same time discreet and invisible, as if we weren’t there at all.
Fun & Memorable Photobooths
Interactive attractions are a great way to be remembered fondly. Get your guests involved and give them wacky, crazy photo opportunities.
Exciting & High Energy Lighting & Effects
Zap your guests with electric ambiance. Sizzle the stage with dazzling lights. Reveal with stunning showmanship!
Jaw-Dropping Decor
We tailor fit your decor to your event’s theme. From underwater to spacewalks – our decor will highlight and accentuate the atmosphere that you are striving for.
"Dancing On Clouds" Dry Ice Effect
Ethereal spirits floating on a sea of mist. Angelic choirs on a bed of clouds. Smoke out of the depths of the earth. Or just because it looks cool darn it… You want it, we have it.
Indoor Sparkles
All that JAZZ. We turn the visual volume up to the next level with all the bling we can bring. Set the night on fire and shine bright like a diamond.
Energetic Live Music
Rock the house. Literally! Your guests will be generating mini-earthquakes as we get them dancin’ like no one’s watching. Raise your hands in the air and wave em like you just don’t care!
Breath-taking Ceremony Music
Epic moments need the accompanying epic sound track. What’s a movie trailer without Hanz Zimmer? What’s an explosion without the kaboom? Whether it’s a ceremonial march or an awarding ceremony – we’ll provide that added level of pomp and circumstance.
Relaxing Cocktail Hour Music
On a scale of Frank Sinatra to Bruno Mars – we get the social flow moving with the right background music. Punctuated by the laugh here and the greeting there, your social scene is going to be the talk of the town.
Do we really have to say it again? HUGE. LED. ROBOTS. Need we say more?
Stunning Snow Effect… yes, even in July
Make it rain! Better yet, make it snow! We put the cool in chilling with our snow effects- without the hassle of actual snow.

Seamless booking process

First, We Meet

We set up a time for either a phone or video chat, or in-person meeting at a local coffee shop. The choice is yours!

Then, We Lock it Down

Once you decide we are a perfect match, we'll email you a contract, which can be signed instantly online.

Now, We Plan Your Event

After booking, we provide your Event Planning account on our website. Here you will use our easy fill in the blank worksheets and music requests.

Lastly, It's Party Time

Now we bring all your planning details to life, making sure everything goes smoothly and on time. All you need to do is have FUN!