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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you use party props?
We are here to make your event stand out the way you want it to. While we do not usually use party props, we have a number of props with our photobooth service. If you want us to wear zany oversized glasses for a song, then that is what you get!
Do you offer additional services, such as lighting and photobooths?

Yes we do! We have an amazing range of options for lighting and photobooths that will make your party the talk of your friends for months. We have a range of dynamic special effects options that create exactly the kind of atmosphere you want, and with our photobooths, your guests can create magical memories that they will never forget.

What areas do you serve?
We are based in Suffern, NY and service the entire Tri-State Area. If you have a question about whether we service your area, please do not hesitate to contact us.
How Long have you been Djing?
We don’t think your wedding should be where a DJ trains… One of the most important days of your life shouldn’t be where a wedding DJ learns their craft. That’s why every DJ at Total DJs is required to have a minimum of 5 years of experience as a professional DJ and event host. They need established experience DJing weddings, parties, and corporate events on a professional level . What that translates to for you and your event is that you always get an experienced professional. Your wedding won’t be a DJ’s first event. Guaranteed. In fact, most of our event and wedding DJs have 10 years or more working in the entertainment industry. When you book a Total DJ, you know you’re getting quality and experience.
What equipment do you use?
Poor equipment is the hallmark of an amateur event or wedding DJ. It’s also not something anyone booking a professional DJ service should have to worry about. But unfortunately, the reality of planning an event is that you need to know your vendor’s professionalism ahead of time. And a DJ is only as good as their gear. They may be the best at mixing music. But if the DJ equipment is an eyesore and their speakers crackle, no one remembers transitions. They remember how the sounds themselves hurt their ears and the DJ set-up was unsightly. That’s why Total DJs invests properly into the best technology. We only use cutting-edge equipment. No intrusive wires or busted speakers. Total DJ’s set-ups look as good as they sound.
What if something happens to my DJ?
While it’s by no means normal, occasionally incidents are unavoidable. And a big part of planning your event is having a contingency plan. You don’t want to be left high-and-dry at your reception or corporate retreat, after all. And if your DJ gets a flat tire or is struck by lightning en route to your event, we have a plan. When you book with Total DJ’s, you’re getting OUR DJ’s. It’s as simple as that. So we always keep a professional DJ on standby for this reason. That way, in the (unlikely) event that something does happen to your DJ, you’ll still get a professional, experienced, and talented event or wedding DJ. Emergencies may be unavoidable, but that’s no excuse for your event to be music-less. When you book Total DJs., you know we’ll be there.
Will the Dj take requests?
Total DJ’s do take song requests and often play many of them. But we also filter requests we get from guests. So if we get a request for a song or genre that you’ve specified a “Do Not Play,” we won’t play it. But, on the flip-side, if someone requests a song that fits well with your vibe and music choices, the DJ may play it. It’s important to remember that your DJ is an event professional. They know which tracks get the dance floor going and which ones may clear it out. And since Total DJs don’t just show up and press play on a pre-made set, we have the flexibility to react to the vibe of the crowd. We also offer an online planning system, so you can specify your tastes and favorite songs before the event. That way there’s no surprises.
Can We Bring Our Own Music For the DJ to Play?
Absolutely. Working with a professional wedding or event DJ is a partnership. And your DJ should be open to your musical preferences, and flexible enough to accommodate them. With that being said, we usually ask for your music in advance. Effective planning is what makes any wedding or event run smoothly. While not impossible, it is more difficult to add songs we don’t have mid-event. So if we get your tracks beforehand, we can make sure they’re ready to rock on the big day. With our event planning software, we can make sure we have all your requests beforehand. But if inspiration should strike day-of, we’re able to add songs on the spot. That’s how Total DJs can be both prepared and flexible.
What Are Your Payment Terms?
All we need to get started from you is a deposit of 1/3. That deposit holds your date and is taken out of the final balance. Then the remaining balance is due two weeks before the event date. We try to make all of the payments as simple as possible. So you’re free to use debit, credit, or Venmo to make all of your payments. Click HERE to contact us for more information on pricing.
How do you dress for an event?
We dress for each event depending on the event type. For example, we dress for weddings in formal wear in order to maintain the proper effect that you are looking for. For parties, we dress in respectable, stylish clothing and accessories. If you have a request, we are happy to meet your requirements!
Can we visit you at a performance?
Our clients are important to us, and given the nature of the events we perform at, we do not routinely let potential customers come to visit us. However, speak to our team if you would like more information about the way we perform.
Do I tip the DJ?
We do not include gratuity in the final contract price. 15 – 20% is generally recommended if your DJ did a great job, but it is entirely up to you.
When should I book my DJ?
A good time frame is at least six months before the event. However, we have DJs available for last minute events as well. Contact us to check availability!
Should we feed the DJ?
This is not required in our contract and is completely up to you. Typically, the catering director or event coordinator will set aside a meal or boxed dinner for the DJ if requested by the client. But we do appreciate it!
What services do you offer?
We are a full service entertainment company. We offer DJ services for wedding ceremonies and receptions, Photography, Cinematography, DJs for corporate events, private parties, and school functions. We offer lighting options (uplighting and dance floor lighting) and have photo booths available as well!
How many songs should I request?
You can select songs that you would like to hear at your event (as well as songs you don’t want to hear) through our online planning system. You will receive login information for that system in an email with your contract. The number of songs you request is totally up to you! We recommend giving your DJ at least 10-15 songs of different genres and artists that you would like to hear. A few songs/artists that you don’t want to hear is always helpful as well. If you end up requesting a lot of songs, just keep in mind the time constraints of your event. During your initial consultation, your DJ will ask about your music preferences.
Do you have samples of your DJ's work?
We do not keep a mixcloud or mixes to share. The reason for this is because, the taste of someone else’s music simply may not be yours. Each event is custom tailored to your likes. We do not post any of our wedding or event mixes as each event we do is unique to that client.