6 Fun Party Ideas for the Day After your Wedding

6 Fun Party Ideas for the Day After your Wedding

Party After Wedding

Your wedding will be one of the most exciting and pleasant days of your life, so it is obvious that you want the party to keep going! While wedding afterparty plans are not a ritual to be followed, post-wedding parties are an ideal way to squeeze in additional quality time with your guests to socialize without the formalities or obligations of your big day.

So, if you don’t want your wedding party and the celebrations to end, it does not have to! Here are a few exciting ideas that are perfect for having a rocking second-day bash with your loved ones. 

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Throw an Outdoor BBQ or Pizza Party

This is one of the most preferred wedding afterparty ideas for a good reason! There can be no safer bet for the next day’s bash than a comfy afternoon of drinks, food, and banter, along with some pleasant music thrown in for good measure. This idea works well, especially for country house wedding parties. 

You can also discuss with your professional wedding planner to help you arrange an outdoor BBQ or pizza party to ensure everything is as you want.

Try an Outdoor Game

If you think your guests might appreciate a spot of archery, a round of golf, or a paintball tournament, then this idea might be your hint! If your wedding venue is nearby the countryside, then arranging fun games for your second-day bash will be the best way to keep the fun going. However, while deciding on the list of games, make sure to include matches that interest your guests of all ages. 

Neon-themed beach party

If you are planning a beach wedding party, a neon-themed afterparty is a fantastic way to keep your friends and family in high spirits. Having the right bar can add waves of fun at a beach afterparty, especially if paired with the event’s decor and music. Moreover, you can also consult with your wedding planner to add a pop of colors to the regular beach bar. Pair these with cocktails and disco music to make it more fun. 

Plan a Perfect Picnic

Planning an outdoor feast on the grass is always a delightful way to spend a quality afternoon with your near and dear ones. If your wedding venue is in or around the countryside, then it is recommended to make this a plan for your wedding afterparty. This idea is full of retro charm, thus, a great way to connect with your loved ones.

Plan a Movie Screening

If you are a couple planning a city wedding and looking for a laid-back, stress-free afterparty idea, this one’s for you! A romantic movie night with your spouse, friends, and extended family will be a perfect get-together. You can ask your wedding planner to assist you in arranging a romantic indoor/outdoor floor setup with cozy cushions and put on your favorite romantic movie on the screen to enjoy it with popcorn. 

Host a Second-Day Disco

How about having the second day’s event wilder and more entertaining than the first? Many couples hire a dance floor space and DJ for their post-wedding party to ensure the fun is going! Second-day discos are a perfect way to have a second round of late-night bopping!

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