4 Myths Related To Bat Mitzvah

4 Myths Related To Bat Mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah

Bat mitzvah is typically referred to as the coming-of-age ritual in Judaism. The bat in Aramaic language denotes a girl, while mitzvah in Hebrew means commandment. Therefore, referring to a daughter in commandment who gains all the rights and responsibilities of a Jewish adult after reaching the age of twelve. However, a bat mitzvah is not a full-grown adult, but as per Jewish tradition, she reaches the age where a child can differentiate between right and wrong. Hence, they can be held accountable for their actions. For someone attending the ceremony for the first time, many customs and rituals may seem odd.

To help you understand better, here we have the top four common myths relating to bat mitzvah:

Myth 1. Bat Mitzvah is the name of the event

For a layman, it is a common misbelief that a bat mitzvah is the name of an event. However, this is far from reality, as a bat mitzvah denotes a Jewish girl who’s reaching the age of twelve. This Jewish custom suggests that the girl child is now subject to the Torah’s commandments (Mitzvot), meaning they gain the maturity and responsibility to make rational decisions and own their actions.

Myth 2. Bat mitzvah must read a Torah portion

It is one of the biggest misconceptions in the Jewish tradition that causes disbelief amongst the people hearing about the concept for the first time. However, technically speaking, there’s no strict requirement to organize a Bat Mitzvah ritual ceremony at all. As a bat mitzvah translates to the ‘subject of commandments,’ the process where the girl reaching her puberty is required to follow the Torah’s commandments. It is a symbolic way to celebrate the bat mitzvah coming of age (not a technical requirement by the Jewish law) where the mitzvah takes Torah lessons with a Rabbi to practice the Torah readings.

Myth 3. A Bat Mitzvah is the celebration of a newly minted adult

A bat mitzvah has to mandatorily celebrate their coming of age is one of the common myths that revolve around society. A celebration does not mean spending a fortune to organize the best bat mitzvah party in town with a great guest singer. However, it means celebrating the new status of an individual who will now be ’officially’ counted as a part of the Jewish community, hence, ready to take responsibility for her actions. 

Myth 4. Once missed, can’t celebrate it anymore

It is often believed that if the individual has not celebrated bat mitzvah at their coming of age, they have missed the opportunity for a lifetime. However, this is not true, as any Jewish person above the age of 12/13 is considered a bar/bat mitzvah, even if they didn’t have the bar/bat mitzvah celebration. 

Furthermore, if you have missed your mitzvah celebration, you can still have a belated bat mitzvah celebration.

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