6 Party Tips for a Successful Bar Mitzvah Party

6 Party Tips for a Successful Bar Mitzvah Party

Bar Mitzvah

Becoming a bar/bat mitzvah is recognized as achieving a once-in-a-lifetime milestone for both the child and the parents. Therefore, a significant reason to organize a giant celebration with friends and families. If your son or daughter is about to become a bar/bat mitzvah and you are willing to make this special day a big event for your teen, arranging a mitzvah celebration is ideal for expressing your cheerfulness. 

Here we have a list of requisites you should prioritize selecting to throw a remarkable bar mitzvah party to your guests:

Pick a date and venue

Before planning the mitzvah party, the first thing you should consider is selecting a date usually close to your child’s thirteenth birthday. However, before choosing the location, you should decide whether you will organize the celebration in the evening or morning and accordingly book the venue. Choose whether you are willing to celebrate the mitzvah party in a synagogue or at another location, considering the congregation’s size and budget. 

Plan your menu 

If you wish to throw a cocktail party prior to the main meal, it is best to discuss suitable options with your caterer. Decide whether you wish to organize a separate menu for kids or a standard menu for each guest. However, while selecting the main menu, it is best to choose a few less-expensive kid-friendly eatables for the kids at your party to save your party expense.  

Choose a theme

Having a theme party is not a mandatory must-have, but it will make the rest of your planning much more manageable. You can select a theme to compliment your child’s personal preference, style, or based on their particular interests. For instance, choosing a theme associated with sports, dance, theater, art will enable you to pick the style and color palette of the decor, invitations, clothes, and centerpieces accordingly. 

Pick the right source of entertainment

As per your budget, you can consider choosing a well-fit source of entertainment for your guests at the party. However, it is essential to maintain a good balance of entertainment for all the different ages of your guests. For instance, having a mixed-age party with all the fun geared towards kids will be no fun for adults and vice versa. Therefore, consider choosing the right band or opt for a dance party that may enlighten each heart. 

Don’t forget the invitations

Invitations are typically the first place to flaunt the theme and mood of your party. Inside the invitation, you can tell the people about relevant location, time, and theme details. However, to ensure the presence of guests, mail your invitations at least a month before the celebration. 

Hire photographers and videographers

Do not forget to document this special day in the form of photos and videos. For investing so much time, effort, and resources into the planning and implementation of this particular day, you should hire photographers and videographers to capture the happy moments and memories of the event. Furthermore, you can hire vendors who have experience shooting the mitzvah parties to capture critical details of the celebration.  

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