Paws & Purrs

Paws & Purrs


Many of us are pet lovers, and we just wouldn’t miss the chance to include them in our wedding! Whether it is a sweet puppy or a quirky feline, couples love their pets, and when they share one, they naturally want it to be a very special part of the celebration. Keep reading to learn more about how to include your pets in your wedding ceremony to great effect!

Ring carriers.

One of the most fun, heartwarming and sweet things you could do is to have your beloved pet carry your rings at the altar! If you think your pet is well-trained enough to handle the task on its own, even better! However, it should still be possible to get your pet to carry the rings…perhaps with the help of a human “assistant!”

Can you imagine your little furry friend getting up on the altar right there with you, looking as sweet as ever on your special day? For pet lovers, this feeling would be absolutely priceless, we can guarantee it!

Make sure that you select a pet-friendly venue.

If you want to make sure that your pet can become a vital part of your ceremony, it is very important to plan ahead. In particular, you should consider hiring a venue that is actually pet-friendly. This is something you shouldn’t keep for the last minute. Can you imagine having everything sorted out, booking a venue you love, only to find out that your pet actually cannot attend the wedding? This would be heartbreaking and definitely put a damper on a great day to some people! You can easily avoid these issues if you are clear about the fact that you want your pet to attend the wedding. In addition to that, you could even work out the situation in advance. Make sure that your pet has a nice, comfortable space where to chill out safely at the wedding venue. For most pets, weddings can be a bit scary. Remember that they are not used to such new places, and some pets might not be accustomed to being surrounded by so many people. Some pets can feel anxious about big crowds, such as what you would expect from a wedding party. If this is the case for your pet, it is very important to make sure your pet has a comfortable space, where it cannot escape or get hurt, and more importantly, where the animal can find some quiet from the hustle and bustle of the wedding receptions. Most wedding parties usually last for several hours. For this reason, it is quite important to consider these aspects, if you are planning on taking your beloved four-legged buddy along for the ride!

Speaking of rides, don’t forget travel arrangements! If you need to travel a long way to get to your wedding venue, make sure your pet can travel comfortably and smoothly. Some pets can feel a bit frazzled and awkward after a bumpy ride, so you might even consider having someone travel earlier with your pet. This would give your beloved companion a chance to get accustomed to the new environment a bit earlier!

Safety first.

One of the most important things to consider is undoubtedly the safety of your pets. Sure, we all think it’s cute to see a dog in a funny outfit or sitting in a unique space, for example. However, you shouldn’t get your pets to do anything unsafe or uncomfortable. If you are planning on having your pet wear an outfit, make sure you check the weather. Some pets can easily overheat if they have to wear an outfit for a long time!

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