5 Things To Look Out For In Your Wedding Planner

5 Things To Look Out For In Your Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

Weddings bring a significant flush of joy. From the exciting adrenaline rush to the earnest enthusiasm of getting everything right, weddings are one of the most cherished moments of life. But, from researching and organizing ceremonies to hiring an efficient wedding planner, there is too much work to do! And with all this comes a little anxiety. That’s where the wedding planner comes in.

Look out for the following caution points when hiring a wedding planner:

  1. Too busy to revert to your calls and messages- The client naturally may have hundreds of things to discuss with the wedding planner. But what if the planner isn’t communicating well? You should hear from your wedding planner at least a few times a week to know how things are going. Communication has to be constant, right from the beginning, so that everything is done with clarity and consent. 
  2. Waits for you to initiate the next task- A wedding planner is there to make things easier for you. But, what if you have to initiate all his/her work and upcoming tasks? That’s the last thing you would want. Hence, your wedding planner must be proactive. Tasks that do not generally require your constant engagement should be done without increasing your burden.
  3. Too much or not at all in social media- Social media is the first place to reach out to your acquaintances, so wedding posts and pictures are a must. But, what if your wedding planner does not know how to deal with it the way you want? He/she has to be creative with social media. But if he/she is only into social media, then that’s a problem too! Your wedding cannot be everything about your Instagram. Social media is essential, but every task, from big to small, must be managed with the requisite detailing.
  4. Doesn’t mark the lines of responsibility- The number of tasks to be performed at a wedding is endless. Some tasks are to be managed by the wedding planners and some by the families themselves. But, usually, there is no clarity on this ground. There has to be a precise distribution of work. You must know what the next task your wedding planner is going to take up. He/she must give due importance to these lines of responsibility.
  5. Not-so-satisfying reviews- Every bride/groom wants to plan the wedding according to their style and preference. Before striking the deal, you must research the wedding planner’s approach towards the entire organizing process. You must read the reviews and ratings from his/her clients. If the reviews are not satisfying or create a vague planner image, feel free to search for another one!

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Adhering to the points mentioned above can help you organize a successful wedding without unnecessary complications. So follow these and live the wedding of your dreams. Total DJs Music Productions is a DJ services provider known for bringing a colorful vibe to parties and events. Offering the most energetic services, we will add more shine to your wedding!

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