6 Tips to Store Your Wedding Gown

6 Tips to Store Your Wedding Gown

6 Tips to Store Your Wedding Gown

Wedding gowns are one of the most magical and essential parts of the wedding. No one wants their wedding dress to be compromised at any cost. But once you have found the gown of your dreams, and all the bridal fitting has been done, it is on you to take care of it, especially until the big day arrives. Even the cleaning and storage part is tricky. 

So, if you are looking for some easy tips and tricks to store your wedding outfit for the big day, this blog is for you.

  1. Remove the plastic- People usually store their wedding gowns in plastic containers. However, the gown is not able to breathe in plastic and may even catch stains. Hence, you must remove the plastic from your gown, store it in a cloth garment bag, or wrap it using plain cotton sheets.
  2. Regulate the climate- Keeping your wedding gown in a regulated environment will keep it safe. Therefore, you must never store your wedding gown in attics or basements as the air may be musty and damp. You should not keep it in a room where there is direct sunlight and the temperature and the humidity fluctuate too much. 
  3. Resist trying on the gown again and again- You may want to try on your wedding gown over and over again. However, once it has been stored, you must resist these temptations. Your dress might get stained or dirty every time you try on your gown. 
  4. Free it from the wrinkles- Outfits may get wrinkled during the storing process. Remove your wedding gown from its storage spot a few days before your wedding to eliminate all the wrinkles. Hang the dress high on a silk padded hanger to allow all the wrinkles and creases to fall out. If there are still a few stubborn creases in the dress, hang the dress in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. Make sure the dress does not get wet. If nothing works, consider sending your dress to a dry cleaner or a local seamstress.
  5. Clean thoroughly after the wedding- Ask someone to drop your dress off at a local dry cleaner after the wedding to get it thoroughly cleaned. Consider investing in a conservation-grade, acid-free box or container to protect your gown.
  6. Think before you hang- Before you reach for the nearest coat rack to hang your gown, think about its weight: does it have heavy beading, numerous layers of fabric, or simply a single layer of satin? Unless your dress has a few light layers, it’s best to wrap it in a cotton sheet for storage. 

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