Top 4 Ridiculously Fun Wedding Ideas To Try

Top 4 Ridiculously Fun Wedding Ideas To Try

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Planning a wedding by yourself can feel pretty overwhelming, especially when you are getting married. However, whether you are working with a tight wedding budget or love DIY over fancy items, hiring a wedding planner will help you efficiently plan while taking off the majority of the responsibilities from your shoulders. Moreover, while the main point of any wedding is for you and your partner to get married, it may also be the biggest party you will ever throw! So, when planning for a party, make sure to add ample fun elements to wow your guests and make your wedding day memorable. 

Thus, listed below is a list of amusing wedding ideas to help you think outside the box and ensure that your wedding is an exceptional event.

Set a carnival theme wedding

Setting up a wedding carnival is one of the unique ways to add the essence of fun and entertainment to your wedding event. This allows you to add bright colors and light-hearted elements such as carnival games, food, entertainment, and costumes to your wedding day. Thus, consider planning a carnival theme for your wedding with the assistance of a well-experienced wedding planner to ensure that every detail ranging from tables to fences and music to the food, matches the theme. 

Take song requests

Allowing your wedding DJ to entertain your guests’ song requests will enable them to feel involved with the music and the dance party. While most couples wish to have more control over their wedding event’s music (all for a good reason), becoming a little lenient with the music requests will serve your event with some exciting music varieties. However, you can also ask your invitees to jot down their favorite songs and have them emailed to you to enable you to compile their songs and pre-plan an ideal playlist of your choice. 

Have fun with seating

Instead of arranging chairs or benches, consider selecting distinctive seating that reflects your wedding theme. It can include floor cushions or laid-back artificial tree stumps painted with tribal colors. However, while it is appealing to get stuck with the aesthetics, always make sure that your chosen seating style offers adequate comfort to your guests. Poufs, bales of hay, and ottomans are all worth investing in if that is the vibe you are looking to recreate with your DJ and wedding planner.

Guests love a little photo booth fun

GIF photo booths are all in fashion these days, so why not have them customized with your hashtag for your wedding? Consider discussing it with your professional wedding planner to set up a mini photo studio at the reception to ham it up in front of the camera. You can also send these pictures to your guests with thank you cards for a fun surprise. 

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