Top 5 Tips to Hire the Right DJ For Weddings

Top 5 Tips to Hire the Right DJ For Weddings

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Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, and the right touch of music can make it even more magical. A well-experienced wedding DJ can bring a funky flavor, a retro throwback to your simple wedding, or even the tinge of hip-hop vibes to get the party going. Everyone has their unique stage presence and musical style, so depending on your preference, you can find the one that matches your entertainment requirements. However, you should hire a DJ who represents you as a couple with their music and is also able to entertain guests of all ages. 

If you are on your way to hiring a DJ for your wedding, then here are the top five tips for your help!

Determine where to look 

One of the easiest options is to consult a DJ who primarily offers wedding DJ services. Wedding DJs are well-aware of the ins and outs of wedding ceremonies. Hence, they can also assist you as a great emcee to host the whole event. To find a reputable wedding DJ in town, consider doing some usual research and asking for referrals from your trusted sources. 

However, if you wish to go all-out on dance music, you should consider hiring a club DJ who has good experience in wedding events or a renowned wedding DJ who has also tried their hand in club gigs. 

Listen to the samples

The quality of music, audience engagement, and playlists are a few of the critical factors you should consider while hiring a wedding DJ. Therefore, once you come across your potential DJ for the wedding, you should always review their previous work experience. You can ask for a live performance video, sample playlists, or a mixtape. Such videos and music lists will help you investigate and understand how the audience reacts to their composition in a live setting. 

Share your playlist along with the ‘Do Not Play’ list

Ideally, your potential wedding DJ should have multiple samples of playlists balanced with both modern hits and classics. However, if you already have a set of songs in mind that you absolutely want to play at the reception, it is best to discuss your preferences for music ahead of time. You can also mention the list of songs that you would prefer to skip by providing your own “do not play” list to avoid unnecessary surprises. 

Check their gear list

Typically, a wedding DJ brings their sound system, laptop, microphone, and controller decks. However, some well-known venues also provide their in-house sound system for DJs to carry out the events. Therefore, you should communicate with your potential DJ and the venue manager to understand their equipment’s sound compatibility to avoid any confusion. You can also discuss the backup equipment alternatives with your DJ to ensure an ideal musical event. 

Keep your budget in mind

Most weddings are organized on a big-budget where the majority of the resources are spent on clothing, venue, and food. Such hefty expenses may often lead you to forgo your desires to have the epic wedding of your dreams. However, hiring a wedding DJ does not require you to surpass your budget limitations while enabling you to add the color of entertainment to the event, making it a memorable one.

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