Top Factors to Keep in Mind While Preparing The Perfect Corporate Event Playlist

Top Factors to Keep in Mind While Preparing The Perfect Corporate Event Playlist

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From industry conferences to professional seminars and annual meetings, music matters. It establishes the mood, underlines the significant moments, and energizes the attendees. Hence, all business events can benefit from a well-structured soundtrack combined with great lighting, stage design, and high-quality sound. Regardless of the merits of music, it gets pushed to the back burner in corporate event planning due to the rigorous planning involved in the other elements of the event. 

Here we have a list of top factors that you should keep in mind to develop a thoughtful music strategy for your corporate event.

Understand the psychology of music

The music playlist you choose for your event greatly impacts every person and moment of the event. Research suggests that the psychology of listening to music includes mood regulation. Following are the different ways music impacts your attendees:

  • Adds structure to your corporate event. 
  • Allows people to relax and feel comfortable while mingling and networking with other people. 
  • Activates the reward, memory, and pleasure centers in the brain. Therefore, establishing positive memories about the event. 

Start planning your corporate event music from day one

Begin to put music on the agenda since the first event brainstorming meeting so that your chosen playlist is in tune with the entire event. You should be more tactical while choosing the playlist for your event. Such early strategies include:

  • Selecting the theme song for the event. 
  • Carrying out music research by assigning a responsible team member. 
  • Determining the number of event transitions.

Live or recorded music

While live music stirs up emotions and brings people together for a positive shared experience, recorded music is cost-effective and an adequate resource to play a vast range of songs, music styles, and tempos. Hence, choosing either one greatly depends on your event’s budget and goals. Digital playlists work best when designing events on a budget. However, if you do not have a budget, or if it is on the higher end, you should consider incorporating a combination of both live and recorded music in your corporate event. 

Choose music that’s in tune with your attendees

The music at a conference for seasoned industry executive meetings should be different from the playlist for young professionals. Therefore, it is essential to determine whether your company event will draw attendees of varying age groups or if they’ll focus on a particular one. This enables you to work efficiently with your entertainers to develop a customized playlist covering a range of genres and musical periods that suits individuals’ geographical and cultural backgrounds.

Talk to your DJ about the “Do Not Play” list 

There are always some popular songs or music genres that don’t fit the aura of certain events. Furthermore, you should not expect your DJ to know about this without prior guidance. Hence, to avoid playing such songs, you should create a list of themes and music styles that you “do not” want your DJ to play during the event.
Remember- Most popular club tracks are often distracting during professional events. 

Select music that coincides with the event goal and time 

Like, heavy bass isn’t a good fit for an early morning workshop. Similarly, a string quartet will perhaps be too lowkey for an after-party. Hence, it is crucial to play the right music based on the time and scope of the activity in an event. For instance, the opening theme for a corporate conference should be capable of engaging the attendees while also boosting their energy level for the rest of the event. 

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