Top Ideas For Sweet 16 Birthday Party Decorations

Top Ideas For Sweet 16 Birthday Party Decorations

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Decorations

Your kid is turning sixteen next month, and you are still wondering what would be a perfect birthday present or surprise for your growing child. While your teenage kid might not be into balloons, animals, toys, or superheroes anymore, birthdays are still a big deal for almost everyone. Planning a birthday party for your teenager can be a challenging task, especially if your child is social media savvy (which most teens are) and needs some post-worthy pictures. Need some inspiration for their birthday party ideas? 

Continue reading to find out some crazy ideas that you can consider having for your kid’s upcoming birthday theme party:

Throw a Paintball Party

Paintball is one of the popular activities that interest teenagers. The general concept of the game is:

The number of players is split into two teams who wear different uniforms, chase each other around, and shoot paint at their opponents. You can boost the fun by adding the capture the flag game with a mission for the team to complete. 

You can also ask your party organizer to set up a table with some party snacks and drinks for the kids to enjoy before, during, or after their game. Additionally, if you want to elevate the competition vibes, you can offer prizes to the winning team or the best performers at the party.

Give a Dance on the Clouds

Besides being one of the most chosen themes at a wedding party, bringing this cloud effect theme to the dance floor can be a game changer for your birthday party. So, if you are thinking of adding an extra fun element to your teenager’s birthday bash, consider making your venue’s dance floor covered with clouds. You can ask your event planner to add this magical-looking cloud theme to your decor to enhance your kid’s special day and leave a lasting impression on all of your guests.

DJ Night with Neon Lights

Hiring a reputed DJ is one of the fool-proof ways to elevate the entertainment factor in your teenager’s birthday party. Make sure your professional DJ is well-equipped with the right equipment and offers party packages that include speakers, complex sound systems, or even disco lights. All these elements will take your event to the next level and ensure quality is never compromised. 

Glow-in-the-Dark Party

If the other fads from the 1990s are returning to the trend, why leave behind a neon-themed glow-in-the-dark party? Ask your event planner to arrange black lights, glow sticks, and a customized neon sign for your birthday girl or boy to add a personalized effect to the party. 

Additionally, to elevate the fun factor, you can ask your guests to use puff paint on each other t-shirts to make designs that will glow when you turn the lights on. Hence, this will create a perfect backdrop for a dance party. Apart from hiring an experienced DJ for the dance party, you can also organize games that will be exciting to play in the dark. 

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