Wedding Etiquette Learn more about all the right things to do and say at a wedding!

Wedding Etiquette Learn more about all the right things to do and say at a wedding!


Wedding celebrations are absolutely wonderful. However, they can get quite hectic! There are so many people involved, and it’s easy to stumble and say the wrong thing every now and then! If you do not want to get anyone upset, it’s important to be mindful. Keep reading this article to find out more about wedding etiquette, and how to behave in various situations!


It is very important to send out invitations early enough to give people a chance to make plans and clear up their schedules. In addition to that, you should be quite consistent about sending out invitations. Some couples might send some invitations earlier on, then another bulk of invitations a while later. This process can cause friction between people sometimes, because it can someone the impression that they have not been invited when their invitation is actually still on the way!

If you are planning on a relatively low-key celebration, make sure you clarify that in your invitations. Be clear about your “plus one” policies, and if your event is very exclusive and private, make sure you ask people to avoid spreading the word. Remind them that this is a very special event and that you choose them to be a part of it! Guests should be polite, and reply to a wedding invitation as soon as possible, to confirm whether they’ll be attending, and of course, to say thank you for the invitation.


Weddings are expensive, in most cases. For this reason, the families often lead the charge and help the bride and groom cover most costs!
It is absolutely amazing to see parents who are willing to support their kids on their special day, and it is especially fantastic to know that they love them enough to spend so much money and time on their wedding. Most of the times, we take such things for granted, without realizing how lucky we are to actually have families that are willing to give us so much amazing support. Make sure you don’t assume anything: be clear about who is paying what, and make sure that people’s generosity and efforts are being rightfully recognized.

Acknowledgments and thank you notes

Organizing a wedding can be a really long process, with so much work involved from family and friends. Make sure to acknowledge everyone who has helped you and supported you through the project. It doesn’t matter much whether you do it privately or publicly: show people that you are aware of how much they have been doing for you on your wedding day, and show them that you are grateful and you actually care a whole lot!

Tip wedding vendors

Give your wedding vendors a generous tip, and show them that you appreciate their work and outstanding customer service. These people can make your event special, and if they have done a good job, reward them for it. From servers to caterers, wedding DJs, and emcees, anything is possible. They all deserve a tip for a job well done. Generally, anywhere from 15% to 20% is seen as a really nice tip.

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