Wedding Ideas: Top 6 Trends You’ve Never Seen Before

Wedding Ideas: Top 6 Trends You’ve Never Seen Before

Eclectic table decor

Planning your wedding is an exciting yet overwhelming task that requires rigorous thinking and expert advice. Thus, with a wide array of wedding ideas out there, it is normal to feel perplexed when making important decisions about decor and entertainment. However, one of the simplest ways to create your stunning wedding look is by narrowing down your options about what style and theme will fit your perfect day. 

Read on to discover some exciting wedding trends that can help you create everlasting memories from your big day!

Alternative boutonnieres

While floral boutonnieres are always in style, these days, the majority of grooms are opting for something more interesting that portrays their style. Therefore, you can also consider sporting a feather, button, leaf, pinecone, ribbon, or shell-made boutonnieres to showcase your personality and style. 

Pro tip — You can also get crafty by opting for an element that represents your personality, such as your favorite hobby, colors, or sports team. 

Eclectic table decor

An eclectic wedding involves the infusion of different elements into every aspect of your event’s decor. This includes blending bright, bold colors along with slight funk and edge to add personality and fun to the theme. Moreover, you can also ask your wedding planner to carry out eclectic table decor by combining different styles to create one cohesive look for your wedding day. 

Table games

Are you looking for a way to make your wedding day more entertaining? Try table games! Everyone would love to do something fun at their tables while they mingle with other guests, so why not have some table games to boost the fun? Consider setting your guests’ tables with simple games like Tic Tac Toe, Eye Spy, or Trivia. 

Pro tip — Table games act as one of the ideal ice breakers as they help your guests start conversations with one another.   

Wedding hashtag

Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, hashtags are the latest form of language that has successfully taken over the world. A specifically used hashtag enables you and your guests to find all the images or other shared media on social media.  

Pro tip — Go creative in curating your hashtag and make it unique to you and your wedding day. Find letters to combine your names, play-on-words, and event location to make your hashtag attractive yet distinctive. 

Time capsule

Make your big day extra special by creating a time capsule to open at a specific future date. You and your partner can fill this capsule with anything meaningful or memorable to you as a couple and mark the time you wed. For instance, you can consider filling the box with your wedding invitation, letters, your engagement picture, a small wine bottle, honeymoon memorabilia, a wedding cake topper, or a wedding favour. 

Photo booth

Capturing the sweet and joyous moments from your big day is essential, and an exciting way to do this is by having a photo booth for your guests to participate. Hence, ask your wedding planner to arrange a beautiful photo booth for your wedding event.

Pro tip — Based on your budget and requirement, you can consider all the options for photo booths. These can range from simple ones that print out images to more tech-savvy ones where you receive the photos directly to your smartphones. 

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