Questions To Ask Your Corporate Event Planner

Questions To Ask Your Corporate Event Planner

Corporate Event Planner

Hosting interactive events is an excellent way for businesses to amplify their growth, mainly if the event runs smoothly. As easy as it may sound, it demands rigorous planning of a wide range of elements that must share a camaraderie to create a successful event. Therefore, any setback in planning, management, or execution can lead to unwanted circumstances. Luckily, hiring a reputable event manager is one of the ideal ways to plan and create an innovative and groundbreaking event that will probably become the talk of the industry. However, assigning this crucial task to an outside event manager can be tricky. Hence, hiring a well-experienced event manager who holds in-depth knowledge of your industry is important.

Here we have some critical questions that you should ask your corporate event planner before hiring them for your next event!

What type of event planning do they specialize in?

Each event has its own unique goals and objectives. From business events to trade shows, the planning of every event differs depending on the different elements involved in each case. Here, hiring a reputed event planner can be of great help as they possess detailed information about numerous events. Furthermore, their extensive experience can give you significant insights and innovative ideas to boost the success of your event. Therefore, you should always ask your potential event manager their field of specialization and work experience to ensure greater efficiency and productivity in tasks.

What specific services do they offer?

Before hiring your potential event manager, it is recommended to determine the scope of service offerings associated with your event. This will help you ensure their competency to understand, handle, and comply with all the requirements to organize a fantastic event. For instance, you can consider asking questions regarding venue location and decor, catering, audio-visual technology, staffing, and transportation facilities. A satisfactory and precise response to such questions will help you determine the competency of your potential event planner

How do they stay up-to-date with the event industry?

Staying on top of the changes in any industry exhibits the mark of professionalism. Things change, technology evolves, and trends come and go in no time. Therefore, Staying vigilant about the current trends and affairs indicates their interest in designing the best possible event for their clients. You can check this by verifying whether your potential event manager is affiliated with any professional organizations or constantly participate in event planning conferences. You can also ask for their certifications to determine their professional expertise and competency. 

What type of event technology/ software do they use?

Making use of specialist event technology enables you to organize a well-structured event while constantly adding value to the event. You should discover which set of tools they use for project management, event websites, budget, registrations, tickets, and analysis/reporting. Such information will help you ensure quality services. However, if your company uses a particular technology or tool, you should consider discussing it with your event planner to improve efficacy.

What are their references and client testimonials?

Past client referrals are one of the most ideal ways to determine the competency of your potential event planner. Checking the pictures, videos, and testimonials of their previously organized events and clients will help you analyze their work and services. Therefore, you should ask your prospective planner to share their past work report to gain valuable insights into their services.

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